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İt is a 20 bed unit with all the advanced technological equipment .As all necessary laboratory test can be made for our patients any time, All imaging techniques ( BT tomography ,MR magnetic resonance, digital x-ray, ultrasonography etc.) can be applied.


EGEMED soke hospital intensive care unit is a special unit with the doctors and nurses who can use especially  artificial respirator, all kinds of devices and technology. The main reason of intensive care is to ensure the patient's survival   in case temporary inability of one or more than one organs and to support up organs until the real reason clear away.

 EGEMED  soke hospital anesthesia and intensive care unit with 20 beds, provides care 24 hours a day with equipped  professional staff with the latest technology devices

The treatment ,care and 24 hours follow up of our patients carry out by an experienced  intensive care physicians, nurses and auxiliaries.